Saturday, March 15, 2008

Busy as ever

Things are busy as ever here in the Payet household.

My revisions are coming along nicely, I’ve managed to get some ‘me time’ to watch a few DVDs and read a book or two, as well as keeping up with everyday happenings.

And tomorrow is the Melbourne Romance Writers Guild (MRWG) meeting. Where did the month go since the last meeting?

As always, the meeting will be great – catching up with a wonderful bunch of women, hearing the latest gossip and swapping writing information and of course, having lots of laughs.

And that will be the weekend over. They go too fast, don’t they?

Yay to another 4 day week, then another long weekend. I llloovvee those long weekends (but they still go too fast).

Have fun!


EJ McKenna said...

I've gone the other way. I've become 'anti long weekend' because the child care centres are closed, but I still have deadlines to meet :-)

Love Ebs

Elvina said...

Hi Ebony,
I can understand your way of thinking, but for this single chick, I love long weekends.