Thursday, January 8, 2009

Me Very Happy

Despite continuing health problems, 2009 (so far) isn’t too bad. Hope I haven’t jinxed myself writing this!

I’m very happy today as I have a new toy. A new printer/copier/scanner which works brilliantly.

My old printer died a while ago after a confrontation with a HUGE spider – the spider didn’t do it but the can full of insecticide spray probably did. The spider was trying to find a place to hide and the printer was the most convenient. But not for me…

Anyway, my new toy is wonderful…God help any spiders if they dare come near it.

Writing wise, the revisions are going well. Chapters are being revised and the word tally is slowly increasing.

Back to work on Monday, so hoping to get a bit more done on the “Angel” before then.

Bye for now.

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