Monday, August 25, 2008

What a Weekend, What a Conference

I’m back after a fabulous weekend at the Langham in Melbourne.

The conference was fabulous. Workshops were educational, first sale celebrations were aplenty and catching up with old and new writer friends was fantastic.

In the left photo, Margaret Midwood and I are keeping company with the multi-published and lovely lady, Valerie Parv.

In the right photo, it's me, Margaret and another MRWG member, Rhonda Roberts.

And best of all – I did my pitch to Cindy Hwang of Berkley and she loved “An Angel’s Embrace.” She’s requested the FULL manuscript and asked for it to be emailed. So I’m doing the happy dance.

Now to finish the revisions and get “An Angel’s Embrace” to Cindy pronto.

On the Friday night, it was the cocktail party with an enchanted/magical theme. We were as fairy godmothers or good witches.

In the left photo is me, Serena Tatti, Josie Caporetto and Margaret Midwood. Our beautiful costumes were made by Josie's mum.

In the left photo is Josie, Margaret, Rhonda as Sheik Al Rhon complete with saber and flashing red rose, Lia Kamp and me.

In the right photo is the lovely Jane Beckenham from New Zealand enjoying the party with me and my tiara.

On Saturday night, we have the awards dinner and here we are all glammed up with some very talented multi-published authors. In the left photo, there is Maxine Sullivan (second from left) who writes for Silhouette Desire and in the right photo is Annie West (second from right) who writes for Harlequin Presents.

In the left photo, we have the MRWG gang with (from left): Margaret (back), Rhonda, Lia, Maxine Sullivan, Josie, Serena, me, Gail Robertson and Sara Hood.

Too soon, the weekend was over. The photo on right is us winding down and celebrating with dinner - as if we needed more food after the fabulous Langham spread.

It was a fabulous, fun conference weekend, we're already preparing for the 2009 RWA Conference in Brisbane.

Bye for now.


EJ McKenna. said...

Woo Hoo!
Congratulations on the request for the FULL!
I can't wait to read about Angel.

Elvina said...

Hi Ebony,

I was hoping for a request but was bit shocked when Cindy requested the full manuscript AND via email.

Guess who's going to be very, VERY busy!


Margaret Tanner said...

Hi Elvina,congrats on the request for the full manuscript. Great photos too. Sounds like you all had a ball.

Elvina said...

Hi Margaret,

Thanks - I'm quite chuffed about the request.

And yes, we had a ball. Hope you can join us in Brisbane next year.


EJ McKenna. said...

Hi Elvina,
I am still smiling about your good news.
So happy for you. Yay!