Saturday, October 4, 2008

Party Time AKA Hitting the Big 4-0

It’s been a busy few weeks, writing wise and life wise.

And yesterday was party time with my 40th birthday.

I hadn’t planned anything (I don’t like parties) but ended up having the most perfect day.

I arrived at work to find my office filled with helium balloons. My sister Joanne (who works with me) had made it up and it looked fabulous. Will post photos asap.

The best bit was the special basket balloon she made for me. I want to go hot air ballooning as a 40th celebration and Jo made a smiley face balloon above a basket with a person in it. The card she gave me was beautiful and the little person in the basket had some money in it to add to my balloon trip fund.

The day only got better.
A manager bought me lunch.
There was a yummy coffee walnut birthday cake for afternoon tea with a big card signed by all staff; and
The Managing Director gave me a beautiful Swarovski crystal owl to add to my ever-growing owl collection (over 200 at last count). Truly gorgeous.

Last night, the family came over for a celebratory dinner which topped a perfect birthday for me.

Today was more celebrations, but now, back to reality.

Back to revisions and life in general.

Bye for now.

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EJ McKenna. said...

Hi Elvina,
I wanted to drop by and wish you a happy birthday!