Monday, September 15, 2008

Trying to Catch My Breath

Wow – where has two weeks gone?

Trying to catch my breath and it’s not just because of this blasted cold I have. Or because I’ve been running around doing errands for my poor mum, Celine, who’s in hospital with pneumonia. Get better soon, mum!

Revisions on “An Angel’s Embrace” are underway and I entered a USA competition with the revamped first chapter. Will hear late October if the judges loved or hated it.

Very pleased to report that the very talented Margaret Midwood has finished her revisions and sent them off to the HM&B UK office.

My gorgeous niece, Zahra, turned ONE (where did the year go?) on Friday.

Here are some photos of the little miss enjoying her party.

Isn't she just gorgeous!

Finally, very happy to report that tonight I received a request from Silhouette Desire for the FULL manuscript of “The Tycoon’s Toughest Adversary.” YAY!!

Will be giving it a quick read-through/revise, then it’s off to hopefully it’s new home. Yes, please!
So if you don’t hear from me (apart from the occasional scream of insanity), I’ll be deep in revising mode for the Desire AND the Angel book.

That’s it for now.


EJ McKenna. said...


So happy for you, all that hard work is returning dividends.

Love Ebs

Elvina said...

Hi Ebony,

It's scary but exciting.